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Hey y'all due to COVID 19 our menu will be posted every Monday on our Facebook/Instagram. We are taking Pre-Orders for whole pies, Texas Sheetcake, & a dozen cookies. ONLY. You will need to place your order Monday, Wednesday, & Friday so that we can Deliver Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday. ( All deliveries have to be within a 10 mile radius of the store and $1 a mile after!) 

Please text 970-692-1457 or email to place your order and please include your name, phone number (if emailing), the items you want and which delivery day you want!

All Pies are $30

Texas Sheet Cake - with pecans $45 (without $40)

One Dozen Downtown Debbie Browns -  $30

Fruit Cobblers - Cherry, Peach, or Mixed Berry $20 - $30 (pre-order only!)

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